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Jan. 11, 2022

Mil Spouse Spotlight with The Seamless Coach Kelsea Warren

Mil Spouse Spotlight with The Seamless Coach Kelsea Warren

I am really excited to share todays mil spouse spotlight episode with you!

I’m talking with Kelsea Warren aka The Seamless Coach

In this episode Kelsea shares about her struggles graduating from school while moving with the military

Navigating having a job that requires licensure and the difficulties of that over state lines.

Kelsea also shares her experiences with job discrimination and the difficulties of transisitioning jobs to a new duty station and shares some really great resources for employment assistance for mil spouses. 

And finally, how she pivoted and started her own virtual coaching business.

To find out more about Kelsea visit her website:

For more information on the military spouse professional network Kelsea mentioned visit

I so appreciate you listening to the show!

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