Welcome to our new website!


Hi there! I'm Alison, host of the podcast and a 20 year navy spouse. We have lived all over the country, often bouncing back and forth between coasts. We completed our 8th PCS last summer and still have another one or 2 before we retire. I am a mom of 2 girls, who are currently 9 and 10. I also am a huge animal lover and we usually have at least 2 dogs with us all the time. 

I started this podcast because I have noticed the moves getting harder and harder each time. Starting over every duty station is exhausting and I wasn't finding the resources I needed or wanted easily. My goal with the podcast is to give the resources I think we really need, like how to step by step pack down my house! And also to create a virtual community that will move with us wherever we go, I'm calling it the Mil Spouse Tribe. Finding new friends every time we move sucks. Lets create that community and then it doesn't matter if you are in Colorado  or Florida, we are all still here!