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April 4, 2022

Raising Strong and Resilient Kids with Shaye Molendyke

Raising Strong and Resilient Kids with Shaye Molendyke

Today’s show is straight up fire!

Shaye Molendyke is a 28 year air force veteran and creator of YogaFit for Warriors and Warrior Kids programs.

She shares what it was like to be a dual military family, her path through mental health training to yoga.

We talk about how we can support our military kids by providing them tools like breathing, movement, tapping, to help regulate their emotions.

We talk about the science behind yoga and these other types of methods like tapping and the direct effect on the body that can be measured!

Shaye shares some difficult situations she faced with her kids and how she used these techniques to help them recover. 

This episode is an absolute wealth of knowledge and techniques and resources to help our kids be stronger and more resilient in an ever changing world. 


Book: Bear Hugs and Monkey Thumps

Book: The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel

TimeIn Toolkit


Zenimal (meditation tool for kids)


DoTerrra Kids Oil Kit


YogaFit Warrior Kids


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