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March 21, 2022

Mil Spouse Spotlight with Broadway Actor Dani Spieler

Mil Spouse Spotlight with Broadway Actor Dani Spieler

I love that this podcast has given me the opportunity to talk with so many different military spouses. I like to do military spouse spotlights because career continuity with our crazy military lives is not easy! 

On todays show I am talking with Broadway actor Dani Spieler! I ‘met’ Dani on Instagram and was dying to hear her story, because I mean BROADWAY!!! 

We get into all the things….

Marrying into the military later in life

Prioritizing your career and what that looks like

Integrating into military life both as a spouse and the military member

The struggles of settling into a new duty station that you know is only very short term 

How do you maintain a career as an actor with military life

It was such a great conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

If you want to connect with Dani, you can find her on Instagram

I so appreciate you listening to the show!

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