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Oct. 17, 2022

Little Bit of Disney with travel agent and mil spouse Hannah Little!

Little Bit of Disney with travel agent and mil spouse Hannah Little!

Todays's show is timely, because I am spending this week in Orlando hitting all the Disney parks with my family!

I sat down with Disney travel specialist and fellow mil spouse Hannah Little and we get into all things Disney!

We start off with her military life so far and how she found herself being a travel agent, specializing in Disney vacations and the portability of the career as a mil spouse.

We talk about the new Genie Plus system and how it differs from the old school fast passes. Hannah shares her favorite parks and hotels. She shares how to save money as a military family and why you would want to use a travel agent vice booking everything on your own.

Hannah shares strategies for different parks and we talk about the merits and uses of lightening lanes. And we talk about the value of the special events like the Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Christmas special events and how they have military discounted tickets, and they never sell out!

If you have a trip to Disney on the horizon for your family, you aren't going to want to miss todays show!

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[00:00:00] Today on the show we are talking to Hannah Little, and Hannah is the, 

[00:00:05] I'm a travel agent with an agency. 

[00:00:08] So I connected with Hannah on Instagram, so she, and it's very clever because your last name is Little, little bit of Disney is your hand on Instagram, which is really cute.

[00:00:17] And like I was just telling her before the show, we're actually going to Disney in October for our girls fall break. And so I've been following her for a while, but like saving all the, , little, cuz she has lots of tips, especially if. Like me have a sweet tooth and really are all of the desserts and stuff.

[00:00:36] You share a lot of the yummy treats and things like that on your Instagram. So I think that's really cool. So Hannah, welcome to the show. I'm happy to have you here. Thank you for 

[00:00:44] having 

[00:00:44] me. I'm excited to be here. 

[00:00:46] Awesome. Okay. So I'd like to always start interviews with just kind of how you're associated with the military, what your military life has looked like so far.

[00:00:55] So if you wanna jump on 

[00:00:56] in 

[00:00:57] Yeah, I'd be happy to. Okay. So my husband and I, we did not grow up in military families. We've had no association with military ever . Okay. But my husband went to dental school and as we were preparing for that, we. Dental school's very expensive and I would like to not leave dental school half a million dollars in debt.

[00:01:16] So we found out about the military scholarships and Clayton, my husband, accepted one with the Navy. So they paid for his school and in return they just asked that you served the amount of time that they paid for your school. So he ended up. Choosing the option that gives you a year of residency.

[00:01:33] So we are currently paying back five years. But so far we have lived in Jacksonville, North Carolina over at Camp June. Okay. And we are currently stationed in Pensacola, Florida, which is much better than Jacksonville. 

[00:01:49] Yes, Yes, for sure. Just a little. Just a little. Yeah. I thought you were gonna say Jacksonville, Florida.

[00:01:55] Cause I was like, Oh, that's not too, Cause we've been there once before and that's not that far. But at least Pensacola, you're in the same state, right? So that's 

[00:02:02] not too bad. Yes, Yes. We're so excited to be Florida residents finally. 

[00:02:05] Yeah. Very good. , what has your career looked like in the navigation of your military life?

[00:02:14] So you said that your husband went to dental school and you guys had met before he started dental school or? 

[00:02:20] Yes, we're actually high school sweethearts, . Oh, nice. So we've been together for a very long time. 

[00:02:24] Yeah. Okay, cool. My husband and our high school sweetheart, so, except for he's older than I am, but I was in high school.

[00:02:30] Yeah, . Yeah. That's

[00:02:31] funny. So count, So yeah, there you go. Did you always wanna be a travel agent? How did your, Tell us a little or kind of walk us through the iterations of what your career has looked like. 

[00:02:40] Yeah, I've done a lot of different stuff. My degree's actually in equine business, so like horse science,

[00:02:48] Yeah. And I really wanted to work with kids that have special needs and disabilities and be a horseback riding instructor for them. And so when we moved to Charleston, South Carolina, there just weren't a lot of opportunities. So I actually became a therapist for kids with autism and I did that for a little while.

[00:03:05] And then, I got way too emotionally attached to the children and said, You know, this is probably not a good option for me. and I did pet sitting for a really long time. I did that full time and our one year wedding anniversary, we decided to go to Walt Disney World. And I still don't know how I convinced my husband, but we just absolutely loved it.

[00:03:27] We loved everything about it. We had a blast and I really fell in love with. Planning of it all. I just, I became obsessed and somehow I just kind of turned into the Disney person with our friends and family, we kept going more and more to the parks and I eventually wondered, you know, is it possible that I could make money doing this?

[00:03:49] Planning people's trips, and yeah, after doing some research, I figured, I think being a travel agent would be really good for me and okay, three and a half years later, I'm still doing it. 

[00:03:59] Nice. Nice. That's awesome. Yeah. I think that's, You get sucked into the Disney. It's like, like . 

[00:04:09] It's all consuming

[00:04:10] It's, it happens fast, isn't it? . And then and that's funny because you end up. So have you always been like a really organized person and like, like 

[00:04:18] a 

[00:04:18] planner? Yes. Oh my gosh. Everything has to have its place. Everything is organized. So yeah, this was just like very natural for me to step into. 

[00:04:27] I know I'm thinking I need to change careers again because , I am jokingly the travel agent or ranger for like all like, like, so we're going.

[00:04:37] We're going to Disney in October and the grandparents are coming down and meeting us there. And so I'm booking all the things and like doing all the stuff like, and that's always how it is. So I'm like, Huh, maybe this is what I 

[00:04:49] you could make money doing that . Yeah. 

[00:04:52] This is what I need to do. Yeah. That's really cool.

[00:04:54] Okay, so so tell us a little bit about the agency that you work for and and how does that work with, you know, with being a military spouse and moving around? Is that like a friend, a friendly occupation? 

[00:05:06] Oh yeah, it has been awesome. So I work with a host agency. They are called Creating Magic Vacations.

[00:05:11] Mm-hmm. , they are actually in Orlando, Florida. They just moved to Orlando, so they're at Disney all the time. And I'm super jealous, . But I mean, this has been such a good option for me because we do get to work remotely, move, sell as little or as much as we want. There's no sales quotas. But it has been really good because just with the moving around when we were in Jacksonville, we moved.

[00:05:33] Gosh, three times, three or four times in two years. Yeah. So it's just nice that, you know, I can pick up my laptop and just continue to work. Have the same clients have the same job. Mm-hmm. , the moving just gives me more opportunities to meet more people who could potentially become clients. So it has been a great option as military spouse.

[00:05:52] And then just because I don't know anything about it, so I'm kind of like asking the questions, is the person, you know, listening to the show might have the same questions? So are, do you, are you responsible for going out and finding your own clientele? Do they have people that they give to you that then you develop relationships with?

[00:06:09] Like, how does, how does 

[00:06:09] that work? Yeah. So you start completely at zero , you build up your clientele from absolutely nothing, so, Okay. You know, of course I started with family and friends, and then it just kind of went from there. Okay. Social media has been a huge tool for me to generate leads. Okay. The majority of my clients come from there now.

[00:06:31] Okay. As well as referrals. So yeah, you build from scratch. But I have been really, really lucky. 

[00:06:36] So a question that, that someone might have is, you know, I can make my flight reservations and I can book hotels and things like that. Why, why would you wanna use a travel agent? What's the benefit of using an. 

[00:06:47] Yeah, that's a great question and one that I get asked all the time.

[00:06:51] Sure. And I will , I'll talk specifically about Disney because that is what I specialize in and I think it's most needed for travel agent. Yeah. But when you work with me you get my expertise. I go to the parks about six times a year. So I'm always up to date on what's going on. You get my availability.

[00:07:07] I, you know, I'm gonna be available a lot more than. Say if you work with like Costco or if you work with, you know, if you book directly with Disney mm-hmm. I also know exactly what's going on in your trip. You don't have to call someone and get them up to speed. And then you're also gonna get customized services.

[00:07:23] So, you know, if you have a family of, with grandparents and little tiny kids mm-hmm. , your trip is gonna look a lot different than. Let's say an adults only trip who are going for a honeymoon. So sure I'm able to customize all of that for you. My services are 100% free to my clients. The cost of my commission is actually already built into your Disney vacation, so if you're not using a travel agent, you are really missing out on a ton of value.

[00:07:48] But I will make your dining reservations. I create daily customized itineraries for my clients. Okay. I'm here to help. Do as little or as much of the planning as you'd like. And I just got you step by step through the whole process and planning a Disney trip. As you know, it's a lot . There's a lot of steps.

[00:08:07] There's a lot of stuff you have to know. I mean, if you went a year ago, it's like learning something completely different. So. 

[00:08:13] Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And it, and that's true because we were stationed in Cape Canaveral. How many, I don't know. The years are all running together for me. A couple years ago. A couple ago.

[00:08:26] Wasn't a couple ago. We've been here for a year. We were Washington for three. It was before that. So it's, Yeah, it's like, it seemed like four years and we were there for two years. And Orlandos an hour away. Yeah. And and our daughters were little. They were like I think they were three and four when we moved there.

[00:08:43] So three. Yeah. So three and four and then four and five. Yeah. So they were little. So we, I took 'em all the time cuz I, Yeah. I was a Florida resident and they had that super cheap, Which they don't have anymore, or no, Maybe they do still have it, but it's not as cheap as it was . Yeah, well we were there.

[00:08:59] It was like, I feel like it was like $200. But I could, we could only go Monday through Friday, which was fine. Cause they're in preschool, you know? So that was perfect for us. I would go over on like Tuesdays and Thursdays and yeah, we would do our fast passes. Right? That was the thing then. Yep. Not a thing anymore.

[00:09:13] Yep. Right. Your fast passes. Yeah. And then we, and then we took off and that was like the day it was perfect. Oh, that's so fun. Yeah, so we, so we loved it. We had a really good time doing all that stuff and, and just, I think. It kind of, cuz I was never really a huge Disney person as I was growing up. But I mean, I did, I do remember going when I was in elementary school, I think we, we took like a big trip and I remember that.

[00:09:34] But like after that I haven't been mm-hmm. and then I mean we just, we went a lot . I love that. And the two years that we were there. And then when we were in Washington state, we flew down to Disneyland and met up with some friends of ours and did Disneyland together, which was super fun. For the girls.

[00:09:50] And so now we're going back to Disney World. Yep. And so now after Covid, they like, they've completely changed how they do everything. Yep. So I feel like I'm completely at a disadvantage now cause I'm like, Okay, this all doesn't make sense anymore. So you're the Disney specialist.

[00:10:07] And , for military families, you have some , tips or tricks or things , that you see people struggle with a lot when they're, planning a Disney trip or that people get hung up on. 

[00:10:17] Yeah, I think the biggest thing right now that people struggle with is Disney Genie.

[00:10:21] Mm-hmm. . That is the paid replacement of Fast Pass. And it is, it is very confusing, , and if you want to maximize it, you know, I can give you tons and tons. Tips and tricks. But I think specifically for military families, I think a lot of people don't realize that, you know, you can stay at any Disney resort hotel and use your military discount, and Disney gives great, great military discounts.

[00:10:43] I mean, they're up to 50% off. They're incredible. Oh, wow. Yeah. 

[00:10:47] So, so would you recommend So would, because I, I know that Shades of Green mm-hmm. is the military that's right there on property. Yeah. So if you wanna stay at another Disney property, they're in line with that price point. I don't 

[00:10:59] know if it's the same price point.

[00:11:00] Okay. They, but they're gonna be pretty similar. Okay. Shades of Green is great, you know, has great location. It's super close to Magic Kingdom. Yeah. But it's not, it's not Disney themed at all. It's just, you know, a regular hotel. So, you know, if you want to fully immerse yourself and be in the Disney bubble, then go stay at Art of Animation or go stay at the Polynesian and you will get a fantastic rate.

[00:11:21] And then of course you can buy your military tickets on base or through shades of green, and I think a lot of people don't know there are military tickets available for all of the special events. So Mickey's not so scary. Halloween party, Mickey's very merry Christmas party. Military families can also get memory maker, which is the photo pass service for $99 instead of 169.

[00:11:44] So there are tons and tons of military discounts that I feel like people don't know about. So hopefully that's 

[00:11:49] helpful. . Well how do you get the magic maker one discount military discount? Cuz that's like, that's so that's kind of the hard part is, is a lot of the stuff is that, you know, they have on their app, they have on their.

[00:12:00] And, but they don't, they don't advertise a military discount on that. How would you? Yes. How is that where you come in ? 

[00:12:07] Yeah. Well, all you have to do is go to guest services. Okay. And just let them know that you want to buy the military rate memory maker. Okay. And you can do that at any guest services.

[00:12:16] It can be a Disney Springs, It can be in the parks. Okay. And they can get you set up. Obviously, you just need to have. Military id, but yeah, I'm here to, I'm here to tell you all the secret things. , all the 

[00:12:26] secret things. . Okay. So what is your for Disney World now, what is your favorite park to visit there?

[00:12:35] My favorite park is Epcot. 

[00:12:37] Okay. And what makes that your favorite? 

[00:12:40] I love to eat and drink , and that's a great place to do that . So I love it. I I love the rides. They just opened Guardians of the Galaxy. Cosmic Rewind. That is my new favorite attraction at Walt Disney World as a whole. Okay. And we are big Marvel fans, so we love that.

[00:12:56] And I just, I really like Epcot vibe. I think it's just so. Nice and relaxing. Yes. I just enjoy it 

[00:13:03] so much. Yeah, no, I feel you. I like, you know what's funny to me because I remember as a kid going with my family and being like, Ugh, I'm kind of so boring. I don't wanna go there. And so when we started going back with, when my, with my daughters, I mean, we had, we could go to any park we wanted and then when we realized that there's so much to do now, Atco, like they've really been, they've really been stepping up their game over there for sure.

[00:13:27] Oh yeah. I mean, cuz they. Frozen and they have like all the fun little stuff. And now the Remy ride mm-hmm. and then the Gardens of the Galaxy, like there, and Sorin is there. Like, that's one of my favorites too. Like they've got a lot of really cool stuff happening over there. Yes. And then I'm, I am right there with you eating and drinking around the, around the countries.

[00:13:44] Like that's a, there's a lot. It's just, it's such. It's so funny to me because I remember that was like my least favorite park and, And I would say that's probably one of my favorites too. Yeah. I like, I like Magic Kingdom a lot too, but Epcot is just like, it's, there's just so, it's just, it's, I think it's, I think it's good for kids, but it's also good for the adults too.

[00:14:05] Yes. For you, you kind of get, Yeah, you kinda get both of those. So can you tell us, because I haven't been able to find, I don't know if anybody else cares, but I do. , . So what Guardians of the galaxy, Like, you can't really tell like what that is. Is it, is it a roller coaster? Is it outside? Is it inside? Is it more like a, like you're like sitting in something and it kind of moves you around?

[00:14:25] Like what, what is the, what is the ride like? 

[00:14:28] So it is, They say it's a family friendly indoor rollercoaster. Mm-hmm. , I think family friendly is stretching it a little bit because it's, it is intense. Okay. It doesn't go upside down. Okay. But it is an indoor rollercoaster. It's actually the largest indoor rollercoaster in the world.

[00:14:45] Oh, wow. But it goes backwards and the cars or the ride vehicle spin, but not in like, Mad tea party, like teacup type way. Okay. More so it just directs you to the show that's going on around you because there's a storyline throughout the rollercoaster, so it just kind of turns to point you in the direction of the story, but okay.

[00:15:06] It is absolutely amazing. It's dark in there. There are lots of screens, but it's not at all like emotion simulator. Those give me terrible. Motion sickness, Uhhuh and I apparent a lot of people have gotten motion sickness on constant rewind, but I have been fine, so, Okay. I don't know if that helps anybody out there.

[00:15:24] I can't ride star tours, for example. That makes me want to barf, but I was totally fine. Yeah, Yeah, I was totally fine on constant rewind. It is the coolest ride. 

[00:15:33] Okay. And then for, So it's all in the dark. So is it like Space Mountain esque that it's like in the dark and you're kind of flying all over the place?

[00:15:41] I would compare it to Space Mountain just because Okay. It is a roller coaster in the dark and space in the dark. Yeah. Yeah. But just maybe if like Space Mountain was created today, this is more like what it would've been like. 

[00:15:53] Okay. I gotcha. And and is it very Guardians of the Galaxy esque? There's lots of the characters of Oh my gosh, very.

[00:16:00] Yes. Okay. . Yes. The characters are throughout, there's a script of them talking throughout. It plays music, so there are six different songs that you can get, and they're randomized every time. Oh, okay. Oh my gosh. It's just the best ride I could go on and on . Okay. And 

[00:16:16] then one of the other interesting things about that one too, if I'm not mistaken, is that you cannot stand in line for that ride, right?

[00:16:23] Correct. There's no standby line, so you have to get in the virtual queue, right At like 7:00 AM It opens at 7:00 AM in the morning, and Yep, you gotta try. And then what I've been reading is that it's usually sold out or gone by. 7 0 1 . Oh, yes. 

[00:16:40] Yes. It sell out very quickly. It's not as intense. I don't know if you ever had tried to get the virtual queue for rise of their resistance.

[00:16:47] Oh. It's not as intense as that process. Okay. But it does sell out every day. Yeah. And yet there's no standby queue. So you can experience it by getting virtual queue or by purchasing the individual lightning lane. Or you can do both and you can write it twice in one day, which is what I like 

[00:17:02] to do.

[00:17:02] Okay. . Oh, nice. Okay. So then as I've been digging in and doing some research so like the Genie Plus is the, is kind of what has replaced the Fast Passes. Yeah. And. So now essentially you're having to pay for fast passes. Yay, Disney, like, let's figure out a way to charge more money.

[00:17:23] So, so it's if I'm not mistaken, it's like $15 a day per ticket, right? Yeah. To get the, to get the lightning lanes. And then it's not every ride, it's just there's like specific rides for each park, right? Yep. Yeah, but so do you think that that's worth the money to get the Genie Plus, or do you think that you can navigate the park and be able to do all the things that you want without it?

[00:17:45] What would your recommendation. 

[00:17:47] I think it is very much needed in Magic Kingdom in Hollywood Studios. I don't think it's needed as much in Epcot Animal Kingdom. Okay. If you buy it, it's still, you know, it's still gonna be a good thing. You're still gonna get to skip lines. But if you're just being picky, the ones I would recommend the most are Magic Kingdom in Hollywood Studios.

[00:18:06] You'll just get the most use out of it, okay? And their lines are so long. You're gonna want to skip them, for sure. 

[00:18:12] Right, right, right, right. Yeah. Okay. So, and then and then what, what are your thoughts on purchasing individual Lightning Lanes? Vice doing the Genie Plus, 

[00:18:23] so, It kind of depends. So again, I would buy the individual lightning lane for cosmic Rewind.

[00:18:32] Okay. And for rise of their resistance in Hollywood studios. Okay. Of course if you are staying at a Disney Resort hotel, you will get access to early theme park entry. Yeah. So you can get into the parks 30 minutes before everyone else who's staying off property. Right. So that's a great time to do rides that are individual lightning lanes so that you don't have to pay for them.

[00:18:52] Okay. But those are two that I would definitely buy. The other one is flight, a passage, an animal kingdom. I think you can get that one knocked out during early theme park entry. Okay, and then what else am I forgetting? I think that's all of 'em actually. Okay. There's seven door spine train. You can rope drop that one.

[00:19:10] So yeah, it, and also kind of depends on, you know, what your goals are for the day. Yeah. What you 

[00:19:15] wanna get done. It's so interesting because there's like, if you, if you get like super into it, you can get super geeky and like, Oh yeah, there's a ton of people, There's a ton of people that have blogs and things like that that like, I mean, they give you like Exactly itinerary, like go this, would this, this.

[00:19:32] And like have like navigate through the podcast. I'm one of those 

[00:19:34] people. . 

[00:19:37] It's awesome. And then it's like they've got pack list, like this is the stuff that you should have in your pack and Yep. Or you know, with you all the time. All the time. Which I think is really cool. So, One of the things that I always really appreciated when we were there that I feel like a lot of people don't know about is that you are allowed to bring in outside food and drink.

[00:19:57] Yes. As much as you want, as long as it's not in a glass container, but you can bring in whatever you want. And I think that, I don't think people realize that you can bring in. Yeah, Everything. Yeah. You don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. Yeah, 

[00:20:09] yeah, you could. You could bring snacks and sandwiches.

[00:20:12] You just can't bring loose ice or glass and that's it. Right, right, right. 

[00:20:15] Yeah. Yeah. Which I think is fantastic. I loved that when we were there because like, I don't know, Magic Kingdom. Is very theme park food, right? 

[00:20:25] Yes. You've got Magic of Food is terrible. . Yeah. It's 

[00:20:28] not the best Epcot. You could do great there.

[00:20:32] And Oh gosh, yes. You know? Yeah. and then the other parks. I don't know. We never spent a ton of time, honestly. In Animal Kingdom, we only went a few times and we hardly went to Hollywood Studios, but when we were there, they did not have the Toy Story land open yet. Oh. And they also didn't have the Star Wars stuff open yet.

[00:20:49] Yeah. So Hollywood Studios is like a whole. New park essentially now. Yeah, it is. You know, with all that, with all of that new stuff. What is your favorite place, your favorite hotel to stay at on Disney property? 

[00:21:02] Oh my gosh. It's, it's so hard to choose one. So typically I tell people my favorites in each category.

[00:21:09] So there's value, moderate, and deluxe. Okay. So my favorite value is pop century. Okay. They've renovated all the. And it has skyliner access, so that's a great option. Okay. For an adult only trip, I love Grand Dustino Tower at Corona Springs. Okay. It's absolutely beautiful. It was just opened in August of 2019, so fairly new.

[00:21:32] Nice. Yeah. But it's the only like tower hotel at Walt Disney World. Okay. And they have tons of dining options. They have one of the best pools at Walt Disney World. Ooh. So that's my favorite moderate option. Okay. And then favorite deluxe. All of them are so wonderful. You can't go wrong with any of them.

[00:21:50] Okay. But probably the Polynesian, you just can't be being on the monorail line. And yeah, the dining is great. The pools are great. Okay. It's just 

[00:21:59] wonderful. Yeah. And it's like, it's right there. It's like, yeah. You cross, cross like you can, you can, 

[00:22:05] you can see the castle from the castle, right? 

[00:22:07] Yeah. From a Polynesian.

[00:22:09] It's so convenient. Yeah. And it's right there. So that's a, I mean, that's the benefit of like, you know, cuz you can stay off property mm-hmm. . But then you, you need to have a car and you're gonna be paying for parking every day, which when we were there it was $20 a car each day. Yeah. And then, You lose the benefit of the early access, right?

[00:22:30] Mm-hmm. , you get into the park 30 minutes earlier, and then you're right there on the, You get there so much faster because you're already inside the 

[00:22:37] property, Essent, essentially. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And non-res resort guests can't buy their individual lightning lanes until the park actually opens. So for attractions, like rise of their resistance, that lightning lane is sold out every single day.

[00:22:51] The non-res resort guests don't even have a chance to purchase it. Yeah. So I always tell people, you know, The, the one benefit of staying off property is the price. You're gonna save money, and that's about it, right? It is, it is. Well, well worth it to stay on property for 

[00:23:06] sure. Yeah. So what about what are other things that people would, so if you, if you're going to Disney, but you're not gonna go to like the four parks, what are other things that you would recommend doing?

[00:23:19] Like do you recommend the water parks or getting Yeah. An extended water park ticket? 

[00:23:25] Yeah, I actually just went to Typhoon Lagoon for the first time in July and we had so much fun. Yeah. I don't know what I was expecting, but it just absolutely blew me away. . Yeah. Yeah. Just so much fun. It is huge. We had a blast.

[00:23:39] Yeah. So that's always a great option. You can always go hang out at Disney Springs for the day. Tons of places. To eat lots and lots of shopping. They always have entertainment going on. And that's free for you to get into. Yeah. And then I also love resort hopping. Just spending the day going and checking out other resorts.

[00:23:57] You know, you could do like a monorail hopping where you see grand flu in, you see Polynesian, you see the contemporary. It's just a really fun way to still immerse yourself in the Disney bubble and get to. Different hotels all at the same time. So yeah, there is, There is lots and lots to do at Disney outside of the parks too.

[00:24:15] Yeah, yeah, for sure. Because I mean like it's a lot. Well, I think I read somewhere that the average person, if they spend the day in the park, walks 10 miles. Oh yeah. And I think that's probably pretty darn accurate because it's like, good lord if you park , if you park and walk to the, to the train to take you into the park, like that's already like a good mile and a half each way.

[00:24:39] Yeah, exactly. Do that. Right. And you've gotten in the park yet, then you're walking on day long. I'm really curious. To to track how far we're walking. Yes. 

[00:24:47] It's so 

[00:24:47] much fun. Yeah. Cuz those devices have come a long way since, since in the last couple of years. . Yeah. Cause I remember, I remember I went and I would wear my Fitbit and I would be so excited to see how far I walked.

[00:25:02] And my girls, we had a double stroller cuz again they were like little mm-hmm. and. If you hold, if you're holding onto the stroller and your arm doesn't count, doesn't register. So like we get to the car and I go to check it and it's like, you've walked like 3000 steps. I'm like, what now? Bummer. I know.

[00:25:19] It's so frustrating. So I'm like, you're, that's not right. So about that, 

[00:25:26] like count on like 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day. Oh yeah. At 

[00:25:31] least . 

[00:25:31] Yeah, for sure. Oh my gosh. Yeah, it's crazy. Okay. So that, so that's awesome. I'm trying to think. God, I'm trying to think if there's any more, if there's any more good Disney stuff.

[00:25:42] I think, you know, Disney, it's, it is expensive. Mm-hmm. , but but again, there's a lot of, a lot of things that you, they are very military friendly. Mm-hmm. They always have. Unfortunately, the price keeps going up. The four day, like they either call it like salute, salute the troops, or I don't know, they, I think they name it something different every year.

[00:26:01] Yeah. . But it's like a four day, four day park. Copper. It used to be like a hundred and something dollars and now it's like, Three 20 something. Yeah, it's like double. Yeah. Which , which really sucks, but but, so there's, there's always those ticket options. And then like, you know, we were talking about before Shades of Green is not Disney themed at all, and it's slick in its age.

[00:26:23] A little. Yes. A little bit. Yeah. It. Definitely, definitely due for for an upgrade for sure. Yes. But it's right there at Magic Kingdom, so it, like, you know that, and then the price point is not, it's, you know, it's based on your rank. Yeah. But it's, it's, you know, it's pretty reasonable. But I think like, you know, there's a lot of packages and things that you can get to make.

[00:26:44] You know, affordable. So, so here's, here's a good question. So if people are like, Hey, my kids are this age, like, what, what's a good age to, for, to introduce your kid to Disney? Like, like, hey, I really wanna take my kid to Disney for the first time. Like, what is like the, like is there like a sweet spot age wise, where like this is the perfect age for them to go?

[00:27:03] Do you, what do you think? Yeah, 

[00:27:05] I get asked that a lot and honestly, I think that, you know, when you take little, little kids, Yeah. You're not really taking them because they'll remember they're take, you are taking them because you remember and like you get to see their reactions to everything. You get to see their faces light up when they see Mickey for the first time.

[00:27:22] And I mean, you just have to decide if that's worth it to you because you know, they aren't gonna remember. But another thing to keep in mind is kids three and under are free. Yeah. So if you want to take them when they are one and two. That's a great idea because they are free. Once they turn three, you're paying for them.

[00:27:39] Right. So yeah, it kind of just depends on you. I think anytime is a great time to take them. . There you 

[00:27:45] go. That's a good answer. That's a good answer. Yeah. I So again, when we were going a ton, my girls were three. Three and four and then four and five. And and they freaking loved it. And I am a hundred percent I agree with you that they actually, they don't remember a lot of it because we're talking like, we're, I'm like, Okay, what do you guys wanna do?

[00:28:05] And they're like, Ah, , 

[00:28:08] we don't have anything. Yeah, 

[00:28:09] right. But it's so, so it's really funny because honestly, What we would do is we would go meet princesses. Like that's pretty much what we would do when we would go. Cause that was their favorite thing to do. So we met a lot of princesses, but oh my God, that, and, and you're right, it is a hundred percent.

[00:28:26] What you for. It really is more when they're younger, it's more you as the parent or family or whatever watching your kids experience that stuff. I remember when my youngest daughter met mini Mouse, cuz she was obsessed with mini mouse, Met mini mouse for the first time and I have a picture of it and her little face, Oh my God.

[00:28:45] It's the cutest thing ever. The cutest thing ever. And then honest, and my husband's, he still has them on his desktop because it just is the cutest thing. But we, we took them for the very first. And we walked into Magic Kingdom and they were doing the whatever festival thing that they have right in front of the Castle Festival of Friendship or whatever that's called.

[00:29:03] Yeah. Friendship Fair. Yeah. And and so Elsa was singing Let It Go, and my youngest daughter stands up and she's like belting it out with the arms going everywhere and it's. This so dark, Cute. Oh my God. And my husband, like he literally, this was like seven years ago, still has it on his desktop. I'm like, What is that?

[00:29:21] And we just actually just watched it the other day. I was like, Oh my gosh. It was so cute. That's adorable. It really is. It really you, you're right. It really is the, the parents, I'm curious to see. So when we went to Disneyland, my girls were seven and eight and they had a blast. They had so much fun going on the rides and we didn't meet as many characters.

[00:29:45] That wasn't, they weren't really as much into that. They wanted to go and like do the stuff. Mm-hmm. . So that was our experience. And then my girls will be nine and 10 this time when we go, so I'll let you know. Oh 

[00:29:55] yeah. I can't wait 

[00:29:56] to hear about it. Yeah, what they, how they, how they feel about how they feel about the the parks that go around.

[00:30:02] But yeah, you're right, it is when they're younger, it is definitely more of a, what, it's more of an experience for the adults than it is for the kids. Yeah. Okay. So here's another question for you. So do you think that the extra stuff that they have, like the the, well, do you have a favorite time of year to visit Disney?

[00:30:19] Oh, that's so tough. , If we're gonna talk about like holidays, then definitely Christmas. Okay. I just think it is just so beautiful. Every park, every resort, hotel, everything gets decorated and it is just wonderful. But, It is very crowded, so there's that. Very true. Mm-hmm. . I also really like to go in September.

[00:30:39] I'm actually going this weekend. Nice. It's a great time to go because Yes. You know, weather is starting to cool off. Yes. Everyone's back in school, so the parks are not crowded. Yes. So yeah, probably those two times, but I love, 

[00:30:51] Yes., I agree with you. I think that, and then Christmas, we went a couple of times and just went to the resorts because some of them, Oh my gosh, like, The Grand Floridian.

[00:31:01] Yeah. Is unreal at Christmas. Oh. So time. And they have like that huge I don't know if they, if they still do it, the gingerbread house that's like real, and it's like life 

[00:31:10] size, Like it's crazy. And they sell gingerbread out of it. It's amazing. 

[00:31:13] Yeah. It's. So crazy. Yeah, it's so fun. But okay. So do you, what do you think, or do you recommend, because they have the special, like they have the, the Halloween one mm-hmm.

[00:31:23] and then they also have the Christmas like extra where they essentially close the park at like six or something in the evening, and then you, and then the park stays open till like 1:00 AM and so you, it's like a ticketed event to come to the Christmas, the Halloween, or the Christmas one. Do you think that those are worth.

[00:31:41] Oh, 

[00:31:41] 100%. Yeah. Okay. Especially if you, you know, you love those holidays. Yeah. They're so much fun. The entertainment is the best. Yeah. You get a special firework show, there's a special parade. Mm-hmm. , there's tons of stuff that happens only during those parties, so. Mm-hmm. , I think they're well worth it.

[00:31:58] And then because it is a limited ticket event mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm , the wait times for everything are gonna be lower. Mm-hmm. They do special overlays on certain rides. So right now with the Halloween parties, Space Mountain is completely in the dark and they play like really loud scary music, so, Oh, they, they are a blast.

[00:32:16] And again, you can get a military discount on them, so. Okay. Very much 

[00:32:20] worth it. Okay. I'm try, we only went one time to the Christmas one. Mm-hmm. . Cause someone was like, You gotta go. And so we did the Christmas one and I don't remember if we got, Military, a military discount or not. I feel like we didn't, so that's something to look out for.

[00:32:38] And how would you, how would you get the military discount on those tickets? Is that another one where you have to go? Cause usually you purchase those ahead of time. Mm-hmm. . So how do you get a military discount on those specialized tickets? 

[00:32:48] So you can buy them from shades of green. You can just go to their website and purchase them there.

[00:32:53] Or you can also buy them at the gates. They actually never sell out of military tickets. So even if the party is, is completely sold out, they will still have military tickets available. So yeah, really you have two options. 

[00:33:03] Oh, that's good to know. Yeah. Okay, that's really good to know. And then here's a parenting advice on that is, again, so my girls.

[00:33:11] Probably four and five when we were there and we bought the Christmas one and my girls were both out like lights at 10 o'clock , and then were like, We can't do anything else. We can't, we can't go on any rides. We can't, like, there's nothing that we can do. So it was a little bit of a w wa for us because they had a, I mean cuz they had a special show and I think, I think the girls were asleep before that show even started.

[00:33:39] Yeah. So, and then again, they're both asleep in the shoulder, so there's no going on anymore ride. So it was kind of like, we just kind of walked around a little bit after that. So. There's a little tip . Yes. If you have small kids, might not be worth it because again, my girls were out and then you can't go on anything

[00:33:54] Yeah, 

[00:33:55] exactly. Yeah. So totally depends on the family. But yeah, I definitely have a ton of, of people with little, little kids and they've decided to skip out on it and I totally get it because again, it does go until midnight. And that is late . 

[00:34:08] That's late for me. Yeah. And we were like, They're gonna be so excited.

[00:34:12] And they were so excited, but by 10 o'clock, like, that's like three hours past their bedtime. Right? So they're like, yeah, they can't keep their eyes open parts. So they're just done. They're just finished. But anyways. Okay. Well thank you so much for your time, Hannah. It's been really good to talk to you and if people are interested in following you, again, it's a little bit of Disney on Instagram and do you ha is there a website or something else that people can connect with

[00:34:36] you?

[00:34:37] You can go to my website, it is little bit of disney.com, and you can learn more about me and the destinations that I sell. You can also request a quote there and yeah, follow me on Instagram. 

[00:34:47] Okay, awesome. Yeah. Okay, and I'll definitely, we'll link both of those in the show notes as well, so people can find you that way.

[00:34:54] Okay. All right, Hannah, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you. Thank you for having me. All right.